Friendly Advice: Finding Inspiration

This past week I spent my days in the verdant mountains of Pennsylvania near a small town called Bedford. It was a farm that went by Fort Royal where a music festival, Weekend at Wolfie's, was making its debut. Me and one of my fellow Dungeon Masters had the pleasure of working as security in... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Back Stories

If I had to name the biggest pet peeve I have as a Dungeon Master, and there are quite a few, it would be cliche backstories. Were I given a penny for every orphaned loner, every village massacred by Orcs, and every secret princess I would have enough to by my entire player-base their own... Continue Reading →

Friendly Advice: Table Management

So, you're a Dungeon Master now. You've got a campaign prepared, the players have their characters, you've been practicing voices and making props and everything seems like it's going to be a good game. Once you actually get to the table you find that the examples of play don't really cover one of the hardest... Continue Reading →

Friendly Advice: Session Zero

For those of you reading that are new to the Dungeons and Dragons scene, you may have not heard of the term 'session zero,' or at least don't understand what it is or why it's important. Basically, session zero is where a group's members, the players and Dungeon Master, get together to nail down exactly... Continue Reading →

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